Jewelry Repairs/Modifications
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Jewelry sales, repairs, and appraisals.
-Size up or size down
-Replace worn, thin ring shank
-Bishop's bumps-
these help to keep rings from turning over on finger.
-Solder rings together- e.g., an engagement ring and wedding band.
-Straighten ring
-Set/Tighten Stones
-Prong repairs
-prongs will get worn down over time and if they are not
repaired, you
will lose your stone!  We will check your prongs and let you
know if they need any attention.  
-Arthritic finger fit shank-this is a special shank made to fit over large
knuckles commonly caused by arthritis.
-Solder breaks or cracks in ring
-Refinish and polish
-makes your jewelry look brand new! Have this done
before going out on the town or to social events.  
-Plating-rhodium and gold plating.
Emergency ring removal-this is necessary if a ring cannot be removed
by any other means.  This is a safe, easy, and quick procedure.
Chains and Bracelets
-Fix broken chain
-Rivet bracelet link
-Figure 8 safety catch for bracelets
-Adjust/replace clasp
-Shorten or lengthen
-Solder charms on charm bracelets
-Stone replacement
-Modify earrings-change clip-ons to posts or vice versa.  Remove omega
backs, etc.  Make your ears happy with the right earring fit!
-Set stones
Pearls and Beads
-Pearl re-stringing
-Pearl re-glueing
-Bead re-stringing
Custom Design
Can't find the perfect piece of jewelry you're looking for?  Let us
help you custom design it!  We will work with your ideas, photos,
and drawings to craft the unique piece you've been dreaming of.  
After all, shouldn't your jewelry be as unique as you are?
The repairs listed here are just some of the common ones we do on a regular
basis. We don't list prices for individual repairs here because prices will vary
depending on the size, type, and material of each individual jewelry piece. You
will find our repair prices are lower than most jewelers. This is because other
repair shops are often full of expensive machines such as laser welders and
cad/cam milling machines. The combined costs of these machines can be
upwards of $100,000!  That cost is passed right on to their customers.  At Van
Guilder's, we use old world European techniques that jewelers have been using
for hundreds of years. We can do nearly all of the repairs the high price shops
can do with one big difference;
lower prices.
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